I was born in Lithuania, grew up in Germany/Berlin and lived in Japan/Tokyo for 9 years between 2009-2018, where I studied fashion design at the Bunka Fashion College for 3 years and graduated in 2015.

I am based in New York since summer 2018 enjoying the great diversity of cultures.


I love to observe people on the streets all around the world in

various situations, what has a reflection in my illustrations.  

Also the life in Japan with its wonderful seasons, traditions and neon lights and also my new experiences in New York bring big inspirations to my work. 


I am a self-taught artist and mainly draw using my iPad and/or using watercolors, but also love doing experiments in mixing several techniques.

My illustrations are characterized by a big variation of colors

and the love for trendy things.


I love the morning hours and start the day best with a good

morning tea and a new illustration.


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Sandra Jockus ©2020